DeskTime (Productivity Specialists)

Affiliate Commissions: 

The commission is 25% of the sum paid by the client every month.
The sum depends on the amount of users. So say a company with 50 employees signs on. DeskTime charges $9/employee, so the total sum would come to $450. You, the affiliate, would then receive 25% of that, which would be $ 112.50, for every month that this client uses DeskTime.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:At DeskTime, we’re committed to accountability, transparency, and fairness. This is woven into the development of DeskTime itself, which is a product that is designed to increase productivity in an open and empowering environment. The added benefit? Boosting your employees, and motivating them to perform at 100% of their potential.

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