Make your server FREE or earn some serious cash today!

Our affiliate program gives you two choices to earn either account credit rewards or actual cash from by referring people to us.

What are the program’s rewards?

Our referral program offers you two great choices:

  • Option 1 (Account Credit) — For each person you refer to us, your account will be credited 100% of their game server’s first month fee.
  • Option 2 (Cash) — For each game server you refer to us, you will earn $25.00 in commission.(*)

How does it all work?

Our affiliate/referral program is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  • Step 1: Choose one of the banners with embedded tracking code, or get the tracking code for your account.
  • Step 2: Put the banner on your clan site, on your forum signatures, or any other place where people interested in games visit.
  • Step 3: View realtime statistics of clickthroughs, signups, and click to signup ratios.
  • Step 4: Get paid!

How do you track sales?

We track sales using PHP sessions and cookies. We also believe initial leads to our site are yours to keep, so we track website visitors you refer for up to 30 days – if they signup at a later time, we still know you referred them initially!

When do I get paid?

In order to eliminate fraud referrals, commission is earned 30 days after the initial account activation. For account credit, this commission is paid immediately after 30 days are up. For cash comissions, checks are sent out at the start every month as long as your payout minimum in unpaid commission is reached.

Why should I advertise

The name is a leader in the gaming server provider industry. Our company offers gamers an excellent combination of network performance, prices, and service perks. As a result, gamers looking to purchase a new server generally choose when they compare our overall package with any other business, resulting in more revenue for you!

Are there any limitations?

In general, there are no limitations on who you refer and how you refer them. Some of the major points our terms of service deny are referrals of yourself, referrals with fraudulent payment information, and adveritising using spam or sites that promote illegal activities such as warez and hacking.

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